Easiest Crab Meat & Spaghetti Olio Served in Vintage Pasta Bowl


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This is the easiest, quick pasta meal with the most amazing flavor featuring crab meat! It’s one of my Mom’s recipes and she is just crazy about crab meat so we made it together last night! You start by sauteing 6 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced in olive oil (about 2 tablespoons), then add 1/2 of a thinly diced onion, add 1/2 stick of butter, a sprinkler of old bay seasoning, salt and pepper. Simmer until the garlic and onion are slightly translucent.



Open up your large can of crab meat, you can get chunk for a very reasonable price when it’s on sale. I will typically buy 2 and freeze one for another meal. Once your butter is melted, go ahead and add all of the crab to your sauted mixture of onion, garlic, butter and olive oil.


You can add your pasta to your boiling pot of water that you have salted with a nice big tablespoon or palm full of salt. We like to use thin spaghetti’s for this recipe with crab so the crab pieces are visible and maintain their shape.


Water is boiling so add the pasta and stir. I like to cook min on a medium to high heat because I have no patience. My Mom and I totally disagree on the pasta doneness…I like it Al Dente and she likes it, well, mooshy! We compromise and I usually take mine out early and leave her portion to cook longer.




Your crab meat basically just needs to be heated through and that will happen pretty quickly with the melted butter, olive oil and onion/garlic mixture. I actually spoon in 2 ladles of starchy pasta water to give the crab mixture some consistency for easy tossing. We always add extra drizzles of olive oil at the end too! We used one of Mom’s old Sunday Dinner pasta bowls, vintage Italian ceramic with wooden spoons for service. Enjoy!




Moral of the Story Regarding an Office Chair


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So I was cleaning my office today and turned my stool up side down and placed on my counter top so I could clean under the area. I swept and went to throw my gatherings outside and came back to this…..


Yes, that is Snowball using my upside chair as a new place to lay.


Ah…4 sides that keep him nestled nicely! Moral of the story is Ya never know where you cat is going to think is a good place to take a nap! Luv ya Snow! Sweet dreams.


I’ve Been Meaning to Write…I Luv You GG


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It’s been over 2 weeks since I had to put Grandpa the cat to sleep. I have been wanting to write to share some of his adventures with you but it’s hard to type through the tears. I don’t want to bring anybody down, I really just want to share his amazing story with you and how he impacted my life!


For starters, Snowball and him did not hit it off when I first took in GG about 3 years ago. Skinny as a rail, ears a mess, tongue hanging out and matted fur, Snowball wanted nothing to do with him. As a matter of fact I had to break up a few cat fights between them. Then, magic happened. Time, patience, love, more patience, more love, the 2 of them started to get along. They kept each other warm in the winter months sleeping in whatever available box they could find in my store. They did have nice fluffy beds but they did prefer a good box.


Here they are curled up on my office. One of the funniest things GG did was give me grief when he was hungry. If I was working and told him to wait just a minute, he would walk away and sort of go grrrrr….like he had this deep out at the bar drinking all night gruff voice! I would laugh so hard jump up and serve him immediately.  He was always grateful. Then there was the soft touch of his paw on my leg when he had more patience with me. So gentle, no claws out, just a little tap, then another.  Same pose, me at my computer working but in the summer I use a coconut oil on my legs to keep them soft, well he really liked the taste of that. He wold lick it all off as soon as he discovered it was there….he would tickle me and make me laugh again!


Off to the vets office for his minor surgery 1 year ago. He had developed squamous skin cancer on his back, of all things. Never knew a kitty could develop that. Probably because he lived outside his entire life. He looked so dapper on this striped zebra blanket while he waited for his surgery. Dr. Lisa and the entire staff at Ocean View Vet took the very best care of him for me!


I had taken out the drawers of a nightstand to paint, turned around and there he was….another cozy spot! Everyone that got to meet him in the store thought he was just awesome! So many kind sweet people that would hold him, bring him treats and even toys! He absorbed all of the love he was finally getting and deserved.  He was creative, kind, loving, gentle, relentless, a fighter, a survivor and he taught me many life lessons that I will never forget.


He’s resting in peace behind my store where I have a nice little grave for him. I wanted to be close to him always. He was an AMAZING cat, one that no-one else wanted, one that no-one took the time to care for or love but he gave so much love to me, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I love you GG.

Wednesday Night in Cape May….ahhh


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After a crazy day, a silly Wednesday, my hubby said hey lets drive down to Cape May for a visit! Well lucky us, because we live only 10 miles north off the parkway. A drive I am always willing to take when you are escaping to such a lovely town!

Where shall we go? I chirped up immediately, The Virginia Hotel please!


We were greeted by a roaring fireplace, a comfy set of chairs, soft jazz music and smiles from all those that were there! We sat for a bit next to the fireplace, ordered some nice Merlot and I proceeded to get a hot flash so I told hubby it was time to move to the porch area.


The Virginia Hotel has the most amazing enclosed cozy porches off of their main sitting rooms! I snapped a picture of this incredible antique secretary desk, Chippendale style, I believe. Filled with books about Cape May, ghost stories, history etc…..ahhh I could sit all night in this room! But we were getting hungry, so off to the amazing bar area…


Here is just a glimpse….good wine, good food, fantastic atmosphere! After grabbing a small bite to eat, we left the Virginia. It’s always a pleasure to visit even if it’s just a few hours. I literally felt as though I was in another world. The shoulder and neck tensions eased, I smiled more, I thought more positively about life and its tribulations….it’s good there!

Last shot of the amazing, always sure to please window boxes at street level…



Hope you enjoyed visiting The Virginia Hotel with me in Cape May. Let’s do it again soon! xoxo chrissy

Apple Crisp, Raspberries in White Wine & A Pretty Vintage Spode Plate


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It’s that time of year to enjoy apples but still reap the fruits of the summer season! I’ve combined the 2 by creating an Apple Crisp and pairing it with a white wine accented with fresh raspberries!


I used a white wine and tossed in a handful of these beautifully colored fresh raspberries!


Pretty from any angle!


Now to the apple crisp!

What you need:

6 apples peeled, cored and cut into wedges

1/2 cup sugar

2 tablespoons of flower

1 tablespoon of lemon juice to keep apples from browning

Toss all together and set in a large casserole. I like mine spread out in a large casserole so I can distribute the crisp over a larger area.

Next comes the topping that is sprinkled on top of the apple mixture. You need 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of oats, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1 stick of butter cut into small pieces. Mix all together, I used a fork so I could cut into the butter. Once well mixed, sprinkle even over the apples already prepped and sitting in casserole dish.

Bake for 45 minutes in a 350 degree oven.


Whip cream optional, but a good option!


Served on a Spode small dessert dish in the Chelsea Garden pattern. The colors look so pretty with raspberries! Enjoy!

Antique Childs Clogs as Window Box Planters! Yes!


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I found these adorable antique wooden clogs at auction last week and I was so glad that I shot a photo of the most adorable window box planter idea when I recently visited Lewes, DE so I can show you how to use them!


Isn’t that too cute! Granted you will need a few more to make the row but too cute! I’m now on a serious hunt to find more!18956a-2

Collards, Kale Bacon & Eggs served on French Toile Plate


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Worked a wee bit late last night and didn’t plan for dinner. Opened the fridge and found some leftover collard greens, kale and hard boiled eggs along with a package of bacon.

Decided to go somewhat healthy! Besides the bacon.


I diced 4 pieces of bacon and sauted over medium heat. Once they were cooked I removed the bacon but left the bacon fat.


Then I added my greens and let them wilt down, kept adding more because they really do wilt down. I used a 1/2 of a bag of kale and 1/4 of a bag of collard greens, all pre-cleaned and cut. I also added a 1/2 of on onion cut into half moons.


Secret ingredient, Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar! I poured about 1 tablespoon and perhaps a dash more to the sauteing greens! Dash of pepper and very little salt because bacon is pretty salty! This literally took less then 5 minutes to make!



Once the greens were cooked down, I added the bacon back into the saute pan. Mixed it all together and I was ready to plate and add my sliced hard boiled egg.


So French so I thought I would go French Toile plate style!


Yummy~ so easy to make!

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Still in Love with Tole Trays even after all this time


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When I first started buying antiques for resale, I was drawn to tole trays or toleware of any kind for that matter. Timeless elegance, beauty and individuality grace so many tole treasures. I stumbled upon this latest beauty at auction that was filled with other “not so great” items but I spotted the pink roses and could tell immediately they were hand painted. Had to have it!


So this tray is very unique because it’s not painted on metal and it has the most amazing gallery trim! Clicking my fingers on the painted interior portion, it almost feels like artist board from back in the day, not wood or metal.


See the intricate pierced sides of this tray and slightly visible is the intricate detailing on the applied brass or bronzed metal handles. And I almost forgot to mention the dragon-fly fluttering about the pink roses…see below.



So if you like shabby chic, romantic cottage, pink roses etc., this tray might be calling your name!  Imagine treating yourself to you afternoon tea using this tray! Plenty of room on the tray for your favorite book and small plate of cookies, no-one has to know! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this lovely tray and if you gotta have it, visit my online store.



Irish Coffee Mugs and Saucers, New Orleans Style!


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Serving Irish Coffee has never been so much fun! Bring out this fabulous set of 8 tall coffee mugs and saucers after dinner to create a great conversation and lots of oohs and ahhhs!


So this is vintage Restaurant Ware. Simply meaning, yes, it was used in restaurants. This particular set is signed Loubat, New Orleans LA. Can’t you see this is an elegant French Quarter restaurant or coffee shop!


We couldn’t resist making our own brew and topping it off with whipped cream! A nice biscotti or sugar cookie would fit perfectly on the saucer as well!


Invite your friends, there are plenty of cups and saucers!

Here is a quick Irish Coffee Recipe:

2 Ounces of Bailey’s Irish Cream or any other cream liquor

6 ounces of hot coffee ( we like it strong)

1 ounce of Irish Whiskey

Top with dollop of whip cream. ( as shown, yummy!)

Buy these Cups at





A Vintage Ironstone Tea Party…..and your invited


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The prettiest vintage ironstone tea set! Set among blue hydrangeas stems and a vintage porcelain pedestal cake stand. Featuring cupcakes with creamy buttery icing!


I was inspired by this lovely vintage blue and white corn flower tablecloth I found on my latest antiquing trip! Works perfectly with the white ironstone.


Hope you can see the detailing on the spout of the teapot featuring acanthus leaves! So English, so Traditional!  Also found on bases of sugar and creamer.



Lovely grouping for a tea party, dessert party or even a small wedding celebration! The perfect shade of white! Your invitation is in the mail…..

To purchase click on this: https://cape-may-antiques-inc.myshopify.com/admin/products/8726871756